Continuing Professional Development

The amount of time spent on the three main types of activities below should be a minimum of 75 hours per year and be comprised of any combination of the following. Written evidence of having spent time on these activities may be useful.


Receiving or providing further education or training within an integrative model. This could be achieved through symposia, lectures, conferences, seminars and skills-based workshops and reviews of practice.

Further education or training about non-integrative models, research findings or non-integrative ways of justifying practice and theory. But not to the extent that a new qualification is gained in a specific type of therapy or in a new specialisation that leads to a new qualification in a different area altogether.

Provision of training or general education on therapy or mental health and providing supervision to others.

Participating in further training or education in any area relevant to practice including self-managed research: for instance self-directed reading and study activities.

Working on policy formation and service delivery and development in relation to training or supervision, for instance: creating operational policy and working on service development for one’s employer or a professional body for therapy or therapy research.

Other Areas

Attendance or provision of short integrative courses, or introductory training in a specific model, or relevant employer-related training that updates current skills, knowledge and attitudes.

Engaging with new models of practice and current developments and applying these ideas through innovation or research, for instance.

Disseminating work-related information through the writing of papers and books for various audiences.

Personal Reflection on learning and development

Receiving personal therapy to deal with personal problems, work-related issues or for gaining a new direction in one’s career or personal life. Other forms of personal contemplation or practice such as meditation.

Other experiences that enrich one’s work as therapist: such as participation in a peer group or journals club for the presentation and discussion of cases, papers, books, videos or organising a journals club.

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